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We work fast and perform at high-level. Technical apps with its own jargon included.

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No tooltip or alert window goes unnoticed. We not only test but use your app. Extensively.

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No interference in our broadcast. We do powwow until both parties are satisfied.

Tight Integration
We are macOS, iOS and watchOS users. We speak the lingo and know the terminology.

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Already a client? Get complimentary MAS and App Store ‘What’s New’ text in under 24h.

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Do you mean meticulous or fastidious? No, we’re past that, call us picky!

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Count on us when updating your app. New strings returned lightning fast.

You Won’t Go Broke
Our services are really affordable. If you see a better price, just take it (with a grain of salt).

Great Reputation
Take a moment to read what our clients and friends have to say about us.

CleanMyMac 3

“BR Lingo is a team of top-notch professionals that localizes our Mac apps into Brazilian Portuguese. The work is always done on time and of the highest possible quality. Being a client of BR Lingo is a pleasure for us.” 
Sofia Dvoynos – MacPaw


“BR Lingo did a fantastic job translating Espionage into Brazilian Portuguese. Super-quick to respond to emails and very professional. An absolute pleasure to work with.” 
Greg Slepak – Tao Effect


“BR Lingo has done nothing short of wonderful work in translating Yoink to Brazilian Portuguese. They worked thoroughly, reliably and quickly. It’s been a pleasure working with them and I will work with them again any chance I get.” 
Matthias Gansrigler – Eternal Storms Software


“BR Lingo is a very fast and serious localization company. It’s perfect!” 
Joël Barrière – Titanium’s Software


“BR Lingo has been a real asset to the Cookie design team, his attention to detail is second to none. The service BR Lingo provides is nothing short of amazing, and his localizations are always returned lightning quick. Even when pressed for time, in critical bug-fix releases, BR Lingo has always been completely dependable. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending BR Lingo’s services for any size project – and in my opinion, you would be hard pressed to find a more qualified, and thorough localizer.” 
Russell Gray – SweetP Productions


“There is just one thing I can say about BR Lingo’s localization service: thorough, thorough, thorough!” 
Christoph Priebe – Zykloid Software


“BR Lingo translated BetterZip very quickly and improved every tiny detail of the Brazilian localization with later updates. It’s a pleasure to work with such a reliable business partner.” 
Robert Rezabek – MacItBetter

The Clock

“BR Lingo’s recently localized The Clock 3. The service was fantastic. High professionalism, high attention to detail and highly responsive. They really went far beyond my expectations.” 
Fabrice Leyne – seɘnse


“BR Lingo’s professionalism and attention to detail are probably something your company doesn’t have yet. Hire them.” 
Kirill Zorin – CatPig Studios


“BR Lingo did a fantastic job localizing our Mac & iOS applications into Brazilian Portuguese. We had additional resources that needed translating beyond simple strings files, and BR Lingo managed to work within our requirements and produce a superb localization.” 
Zac Cohen – Acqualia Software


“BR Lingo has localized several of our Mac applications. Fast, highly responsive, and always checking the translations as soon as they are available for download. Corrections and improvements, if ever necessary, are sent in a very timely fashion. Always friendly and uncomplicated to work with. We don’t hesitate recommending BR Lingo for localizing Mac and iOS apps.” 
Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann – DEVONtechnologies, LLC


“BR Lingo has been efficient and proactive in keeping the localization up-to-date and complete, and that’s certainly a plus.” 
Virgil Dupras – Hardcoded Software


“BR Lingo’s work was quick and efficient, with the expected judiciousness and the required attention to detail.” 
Marcel Bresink – Software-Systeme


“Fast and efficient, not to mention the quality and importance of the word. BR Lingo’s translations seem to have taken some fitness drink.” 
Jordi Armero – aONe


“BR Lingo is highly enthusiastic about what they’re doing. You always get the result without wasting time explaining how and what to do.” 
Natalya Egorkina – Nulana LTD


“BR Lingo’s service is fast, precise and something we can rely on.” 
Charlie Monroe – Charlie Monroe Software


“Working with BR Lingo has been the smoothest translation process I’ve ever encountered, resulting in an excellent localization.” 
Julian Mayer – CoreCode


“I agree with the others developers, BR Lingo did a fantastic and very professional job. And so quickly.” 
Thomas Robbison – SyncTwoFolders


“BR Lingo quickly provided a Brazilian translation of Sparrow that could be easily integrated.” 
Dinh Viêt Hoà – Sparrow